• Curtis Helton

    Curtis Helton

    CEO / Sr. Mortgage Consultant
    NMLS# 236345

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    Curtis HeltonCurtis Helton, Sr. Mortgage Broker
    4.7 Stars - Based on 12 User Reviews

    K BK B

    I give Curtis 5+ stars for the services he rendered during the purchase of my new home. The field of real-estate can be intimidating. Curtis is unique in that he cares about his customer. Trust and transparency is what customers look for when trying to get pre-approved for a home loan. Curtis provided both along with super patience. He's calm while keeping the customer in the loop from beginning to end. What's most impressive and important is he is seasoned at what he does. I would recommend Curtis to anyone looking to buy a home.

    carla jaracarla jara

    Curtis and his team are great! They made the process really easy and in a month we got our first home!

    Thomas AustinThomas Austin

    Curtis and his team were incredible to work with, I felt respected and well-informed the whole time. There were no surprises and Curtis went above and beyond to ensure I got the best rate I could possibly ask for. I highly recommend considering them for your mortgage needs.

    Paul McConnellPaul McConnell

    I can't say enough good things about Curtis and his team. I've done multiple transactions with him and don't even bother to shop around anymore. The quality of the service, responsiveness, attention to detail and genuine care and interest that Curtis, Lauren, Jen, Briana and the rest of the team give you on every transaction, no matter how big or how small, is worth it alone. Some of the best customer service/experience I've ever had from any industry.


    I was buying a second home (primary residence) in Denver through VA loan. Curtis Helton from Ownership Mortgage assured me from the start when I had doubts about qualification. He was thorough and diligent from day one communicating with me and gathering all the required documentation. Since day 1, I never had any inclination of doubts as I truly sensed Curtis knew his work. Constant communication and reassurance was truly amazing experience. Now, I am about to close on my house in Denver. Thank you Curtis and everyone at Ownership Mortgage including Michael Langille.

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    Curtis Helton

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    NMLS# 236345
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